How to use the iNaturalist Website's Header Search

In case you might have missed it (and many have!), the iNaturalist website has a header search functionality, which is now (May 8, 2020) open by default when you sign in.


The search box will stay open for the rest of your session, unless you close it. Many people go to Projects, Places, and Users pages to perform searches, but to me the header search is much quicker.

The header search returns results in four major categories:

- taxa
- users
- places
- projects

When you start typing in the search field, iNaturalist will display matches from those four categories. For example, let’s look at the results after entering singapore:

Places like Singapore and Malaysia and Singapore have a map marker icon, as they are places, and taxa, users, and projects have their respective icons next to them, with gray text to help you discern what they are.

For each option you can select either View Observations, which will take you to the Explore page for that taxon/user/place/project, or About, which will take you to its information page.

Thus, selecting View Observations for Butterflies of Singapore leads to and About leads to

If you’re not seeing what you’re searching for in these ten results, you can enter more text or click on View All at the bottom to see all results for your search, eg Hitting enter on your keyboard will do this as well, so long as your pointer is not over one of the search results.

On this page, you can go through all the results or filter them by type (left arrow). A search box is also available (right arrow):


Wow. Still learning something new every day. Thanks for this Tony! Great tool for the toolbox.


Yep, I had completely missed this. Thanks for the tutorial!

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