How to view list of species without hybrids?

If I wanted to see how many bird species I’ve observed on iNaturalist until now, how can I sort out hybrids?
I have observed some duck and goose hybrids in the past and their taxons seem to be on species level, so even when I sort by “your observations”, “aves” and rank “species”, I get all the bird species I’ve observed plus the hybrids. How can I get a result with species only?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to put url without hybrids, but you can add “without taxon” with taxa numbers of every hybrid you saw, the list will be without them, you can bookmark that link.

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As an alternative to excluding individual taxa using the URL, you could export a list of birds from your dynamic life list and then do some post-processing in an application like Excel of Google Sheets. I believe most if not all of the hybrids would share the string of characters " x " in their binomial nomenclature that could be filtered out. The string of characters is between the two species epitaphs. For example, Vermivora chrysoptera x cyanoptera.

Try using high and low filters to only the species level


For some reason I thought they were at species level on iNat (cause they’re shown in life list), it’s definitely the easiest way to set species as highest and lowest rank.

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Wait, I thought you were right. Hybrids between two species of the same genus (e.g., Anas diazi × platyrhynchos) at least are inserted at the species level, and still show up when you filter high and low to only species.

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That’s what was on my mind, I really need to check it myself.

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