Matching species I've found to species I haven't

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Is there a feature or a way to match the species I’ve found in a family to all available species in a family taxa? For example, suppose I wanted to complete a section of my life list and I wanted to know “What herons have I not seen?” Rather than look at a wiki master list and try to remember all that I’ve seen, I’d love to be able for iNat to match my observations against their taxa database and return a list for me to investigate.

  • Go to your dashboard
  • click lists
  • select view my life list from the banner at the top
  • enter the family or taxa in the search bar on the left which will then list all the species in that family you have seen
  • click unobserved species on the right which will then list all the members of that family (or more accurately all the members of that family with inat observations) not seen by you
  • you can further filter that list by geography using the place bar

creates a url like Global herons I have not observed

North American herons I have not observed

Note there seems to be some kind of a minor bug where the right list will ignore your taxonomy input, but simply refreshing the page seems to bring it back in synch


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