How well do you know your local wildlife? Now you can test yourself

With the scientific names it is a lot of fun now! One minor thing, I don´t know how others see this: I prefered having the pictures presented in a square as they were much easier and faster to grasp. Now in having them presented in a row I have to scroll down quite a bit which eats a lot of time. It´s fine if I view the quiz just as a learning tool (and love it as such!), but it makes the competition aspect a bit difficult.

Anyways, I will keep using it as I love the training!

I’m guessing this is on Firefox right? That’s a layout bug I need to fix. The images should be arranged in a 2x2 square.

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Should be fixed now!


This was great fun! An odd thing that happened on one of my “animal” questions was that I was asked to identify a carpenter ant. There was one picture of an ant, and three pictures of bumble bees. That made it kind of a dead give-away! Might be some kind of funny quirk going on with ants and bees. Other insect questions (like a dragonfly and a locust) were fine - all pictures of similar critters.

I’m going to keep playing! Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to put this together.


Thank you Jonny. Yes it was on firefox (sorry, forgot to mention) and yes it is fixed now. Perfect!

Would like to mention some of the details I really like. I love that after each round I can take my time to have a look at the names as long as I want to and I decide when to go on. Well done!
Also love that is possible to follow the link on the picture to the person who took it. Great possibility to check back with maybe unclear or wrong IDs. Although I realized it is not possible to do this with the answer I chose. So e.g. it is not possible to klick the person who submitted the photo when I choose his/her photo for the right answer. However, I don´t think this is a biggy.

One thing that could improve the quiz further is a “Create new quiz” button directly at the end of the quiz. Right now one has click the home button and make the way through to a new quiz… or did I miss a button there?
One very minor thing, but as I realized it, I just mention it as well: there is a tipo when the quiz is created… it says “Your Quz is Ready” (missing an i)

That´s all for now, I go quizzing some more :-)

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it is not possible to klick the person who submitted the photo when I choose his/her photo for the right answer

Fixed - You should be able to now :)

“Create new quiz” button directly at the end of the quiz.

Done :). The button I just added says “Try again”

“Your Quz is Ready”

Typo - Fixed :)

Thanks Ajott! I’m glad the ability to cycle through photos and click on names of the users who took them is proving useful


It’s my pleasure Claire - I’m glad you found it fun! Sorting a random list of taxa into groups of 4 that are related enough is turning out the be the hardest part of this by far. I can’t guarantee that you’ll never get unrelated taxa that make a question too easy, but I am working on making it less likely to happen.

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Great work I love it and will share if you dont mind


welcome to the forum, @stephen169!

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Yes, welcome!

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This is awesome! As an environmental educator, I’d love to share this with some of the schools I work with as an activity for students to do while COVID-19 is unfolding.

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I tried it, entering Del Rio, Tx, USA, and it told me there might not be any wildlife documented in the area. I tried Corpus Christi, TX, too, but it told me the same thing.

Hey Ally, - thanks for letting me know, and also for giving me location details and a screenshot. I’m going to make it so that if not enough taxa is found in a location, the app will look for a parent location instead. For example, if nothing is found in ‘Del Rio’, it will look fo taxa in a larger region that includes Del Rio. I’ll keep you posted!


@bug_girl just for now, try manually selecting a larger region (Like ‘Texas, US’) and see if that gets you enough taxa

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Thank you!

I think it’s because it’s a point place (if you’re importing places from iNat). I’ve had similar issues with places (all point places) in Florida.


It won’t let me just do Texas. It wants me to choose a specific city.

Yea that’s what happens with “Texas, USA”, but with just “Texas” you should see this:

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Ok, thank you!

For anyone who is still tuned in to this thread, thanks to more of your feedback I made a few big changes that I think will make things more fun and also more educational.

More Taxa
You can now quiz yourself on more specific taxa. e.g. if you’re a bird expert, you can quiz yourself on birds of the Amazon. (email suggestion from someone)

More Photos
On Every taxon, you can cycle though multiple images, as well as see which iNat user posted each one.
thanks (@Ajott) for helping me iron this one out.

More Locations
The app does a better job of finding taxa in your area, so even if your location has few observed taxa, it will look around at surrounding locations. (@bug_girl and @kiwifergus hopefully this will help you)

More chances
At the end of your quiz, you will get a second chance to answer the ones you got wrong (for fewer points). I figured this will hopefully encourage people to take the time to really look through the photos and remember what the plants and animals look like, so that the next time around it will be less of a guessing game.

Here’s what’s still left on my list things to add:

  • Scientific name toggle
  • Improvements to the question sorting
  • Alternative question formats

Until then, please give it a try, share it with other nature enthusiasts and feel free to to reach out with feedback or issues.

Have a good week everyone