How would you make a topic with 1,600 replies user-friendly and accessible?

Imagine you had a forum thread with 1,600 replies, filled with fantastic content . . .

You know you’re seriously into iNat when

How would you make it more accessible to new users?

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Click - Show Top Replies - on the opening post. That gives you the 100 most engaged comments (then you can click for more if interested in That Surviving comment)


Thanks, @dianastuder!

I love the “Show top replies” function, and I use it all the time! It’s great, but it doesn’t always highlight the replies that YOU might find the most valuable.

The “Search in this topic” function is also helpful, but it only searches for the exact wording that you use.

I created an AI prompt to read the thread and highlight the general ideas that you might be looking for. It didn’t work perfectly, but this technology is improving all the time! :smile: