Finding my replies

I am new to iNaturalist and iNatForum.
Where can I find my replies to other users’ posts?
I searched this forum but I couldn’t find the answer.

you can find your top replies on your profile summary. if you want to find a reply that’s not one of your top replies, just use the search page, filtering for posts by your user id, along with any keywords or other filters you’d like to apply. here are your posts in the forum:

For the forum, in the top right corner, click your profile picture, then the person icon, then Activity:


On the left side of the page, click Replies:

(On the off chance you might also be referring to replies/comments on iNaturalist observations, you can go to to see your comments on observations. It won’t include your comments attached to IDs though.)

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Thanks for the replies and screenshot but for some reasons when I click onto my profile pictures this is what shows up:

I need to try again when I am not so tired.

Good night!

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Hey yeah no worries, I’ve found the multiple levels of menus confusing on Discourse. You have to first click that little person icon in the top right corner of the menu.

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I see. Yes it worked. Thanks!

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