Hybrid genus name capitalization is automatically removed

I just added the hybrid genus × Comagaria for the cultivated ‘Pink Panda’ strawberries. See
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fragaria_×_Comarum_hybrids for details. When I add the species as × Comagaria rosea, it is converted to × comagaria rosea. I had to resort to leaving off the × to avoid this. Is this a bug I should report, or is there a known solution?

This was supposed fixed when I added the feature request, because the original problem was curators couldn’t capitalize in the first place. Later I heard there was a bug going around but I believe genus hybrids that were fixed before the bug came about still as such.

This remains an issue. × phyllosasa tranquillans should render as × Phyllosasa tranquillans (or as ×Phyllosasa tranquillans if the space is omitted)

… and × haagespostoa climaxantha

Still not fixed :(