Hymenoptera projects wiki

Global projects

Traditional projects

Bee and Wasp Hotels

Bees concentrating nectar

First iNat Bee and Wasp Records

Flower-Visiting Wasps of the World

Green Roof Biodiversity

Mating Bees

Nesting Bees

New Bee and Wasp Locality Records

Pollinator Associations (with observation fields)


Sleepy Bee Slumber Parties

Feral Honey Bee Hives


Collection projects

Kleptoparasites (600 Insects, 598 Hymenoptera, 357 Bees)

Wasps of the world

Weird Wings

World Wasps and Allies

World Bee Day/Week 2024 (May 17, 2024 - May 23, 2024)

Geographic projects (for iNaturalist Places)

Traditional projects

Bumble Bee Conservation Initiative (North America)

Bombus on Private Property and Gardens (Mostly Northern IL, some of the wider Midwest)

Empire State Native Pollinator Survey (ESNPS; New York State, U.S.)

Hong Kong Bees and Wasps

Hymenopterans of Ontario

NZ wasps, ants, bees and parasitoids (Hymenoptera)

Vancouver Island Pest Pollinator and Beneficial Insects

Parasitic Apocrita of America

Collection projects

Australian Ants

African Wasps, Bees and Ants (Hymenoptera)

Bees and Wasps of Timor-Leste (East Timor)

Bees and Wasps of Wallacea

Bees (Anthophila) of Mainland China

Bees in Malaysia / Lebah-lebah di Malaysia

Bees of the Azores

Bees of Botswana

Bees of Canada (except Bumble Bees)

Bees of Eastern Africa

Bees of Manitoba

Bees of Newfoundland and Labrador

Bees of North America

Bees Of Pakistan

Bees of Thailand

Bumble Bees of Canada and Alaska Monitoring Program

Bumble Bees of Ontario

Dakota Bees (North Dakota and South Dakota, U.S.)

ESNPS Collection Project (collection project for the traditional project)

European Native bees - Aculeata

Hawaii Biological Survey

Megachile sculpturalis in Europe

Native Bee Society of BC’s Bee Tracker

Native Bees of Sydney

New Mexico Bee Atlas

Nomad Bees of Europe

Oregon Bee Atlas

Pollinators in Paradise (Hawaii, U.S.)

Pollinators of Arizona State University

Pollinators of Florida

Stingless bees of Bolivia

Texas Native Bee Monitoring

The Native Bees of Yucatán

USFWS National Wildlife Refuge System Native Bees

Vespas de Portugal

Washington Native Bee Society


Wasps of Botswana

Wasps of Ukraine

Abejas nativas del altiplano (Colombia)


Projects for bee and wasp-associated organisms

Traditional projects

Ant Associates

Bee and Wasp Mimics

Collection projects

Bee Parasites and Pathogens

Community Collaboration (outside of iNat)

North American Bee/Nest Parasites

Ask a Bumblebee (NE USA mainly, contact bumblebeecount@gmail.com)


Is this supposed to be Hymenoptera excluding Formicidae?

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All ants, bees, sawflies, and wasps welcome. Please add any missing groups or projects to the wiki.


Thanks. Have joined the African one

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Added a project:

Bees concentrating nectar


Abejas nativas del altiplano from the colombian highlands

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@neylon related to the project you added https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/batesian-mimics-of-social-wasps

Is that on the list? I didn’t see it.

My opinion, I don’t think it fits. There’s only a couple Hymenoptera in the list and it mostly aims for collecting observations of other insect orders.

Sorry, I just realized that I never responded.

I’m not sure. There are a variety of projects that the observations in the project are not bees, but the subject is very much focused on bees. A couple of examples are: Predation of Bees and Vermont Bee predators. Neither of which has any bee observations, but both of which are heavily focused on bees. A project that studies Batesian mimicy, while it doesn’t have any bees, could also be considered to be focused on Bees.

On that, do you know of a project that would cover Silken Fungus Beetles attached to Bombus? I see that occasionally on here, and I’d like to know more about it. Especially wondering if it actually benefical.

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Add to the list when I’m not on my phone https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/feral-honey-bee-hives

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