I am lost in the program

I need some help. I just signed up with I naturalist and have been experimenting with identification. The program seems to work well with my i phone. However I mis-identified a grass and would like to correct that mis-identification. I cannot find out how to do that. Also the indicated GPS coordinates are different from where I was actually standing (by about 1/2 mile) based upon my observation of the arial view on the map.

Can anyone help me navigate this app?


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To update your identification, just enter a new corrected one, that will automatically withdraw the previous one.

In terms of editing the location, someone who has an iPhone can answer that (and surely will) shortly.


Hi, I use the iphone version of the app. Location editing is a bit of a bummer to be honest. It seems one can only edit the location by touching the relevant bar (the one that gives location name along with Latitude, longitude and accuracy) and then moving the cross hairs around the map (changes lat and long) and/or changing the size of the circle (alters accuracy). You have no power to edit the location name (this could be a feature request for mobile versions) unlike the desktop version.

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If it is easier, @roodester , you can also go to inaturalist.org and log in and edit the location there, though I’d recommend a laptop, desktop or tablet; You can edit on a phone, but it’s a pain because everything is tiny on a 4-6" screen and pinch-zooming on the map, or zooming out to use the +/- map buttons is akward.

With the android app I have the problem that changes in the app are overwritten (…) when synchronising with the website.

I haven’t noticed that in mine recently (I did see that with photo order in the past) , but then again it’s been a while since I made any edits to my observations.

I have a very old iPhone, and I have to admit the only thing I use the iPhone app for is to upload my photos (it is just very easy to do it directly from my photos). This is about the only thing that is easier to do on the app than on the website. As Star3 suggested, for everything else I go to the website using a large screen computer.

If you want to use the iPhone, though, you can tap the observation, then tap the middle button on the observation (… in a speech bubble) and then hit the green “suggest ID” at the bottom. It will take you to the screen where the algorithm makes suggestions, or you can type something in the box. Then save it (upper right). It will cross out your previous ID and put in the new one.

To edit the location, click the “Edit” button in the upper right, then look about midway down the screen where it put the location, right after the date. If you click that location, a map with crosshairs comes up and you can move the cross-hair to a new spot. Don’t forget to save the location change, and then click “done” (Upper right).


OK, Thanks for the tips. I was able to change the ID of the plant, but still not sure if I changed it to the correct identification. Presently awaiting comments from others. As for the location, I was able to correct that using my laptop.


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