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Is there a way of manually editing the location NAME on phone after uploading an observation on iPhone app? Without having to open post on computer and do it from there?

One can change the location (see https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/editing-location-on-iphone-app/2253) but it does not appear to be possible to change the name itself when the iPhone adds a ridiculous name.

(one can do it on the Android app).

This really is an issue for our group - volunteers actively monitoring plants of conservation concern.

Location description text changes work well on the Android App. Could this feature perhaps be worked into the iPhone App, please?

Currently, the iPhone app has far, far less functionality than the Android app or website. Staff have reported here they are working on a version of the iOS app that will be more on par with the Android version. I do not remember if there is a document (like some kind of release notes) around that details the features to be added to the next iOS version. Perhaps on GitHub?

You could consider making this an official Feature Request?

My question relates to the locations that come up ‘automatically’ on the various apps/pc’s - is this data resident on iNat or on Google maps? - i.e. how does one achieve an update?

If you mean the location name (aka locality note), that comes from Apple Maps or Google Maps, please see this FAQ for more info. It’s automaticaly added to the observation when the observation is created. If you feel the need to change it (keep in mind that it doesn’t affect the observation whatsoever, the important data are the GPS coordinates and accuracy radius), you can do so either in the Anroid app or the website by editing the observation.

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Thanks, Tiwane.
It’s a large district which is in need of an update (costly name changes…) - I will attempt to see if google maps can be motivated to make the change…

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