I cannot log into other iNat services

My iNat account when I logged into Seek the new iNat scanning app it didn’t have log in using other services and so I can’t log in for some reason… if you logged into google do you need to use your username or email for username? Also what do you type in the password??? My google account password?? I even tried resetting it and it said reset password token is invalid and i even checked if the re enter was right…should I have wrote this in the App Store review…?

Hi @fearlessexplorer and welcome to the Forum!

I’ll do my best to help you here, but you may also want to contact help@inaturalist.org for login issues.

First of all, I’m trying to understand what the exact problem is.
You have an iNaturalist account logging in through Google, yes? And you downloaded Seek and want to connect it to your iNat account.

What platform and what version of Seek are you using? On Android I only see the option to log in with a regular account/password and not a connected account.

Attempting to reset your password won’t work because you don’t have one for iNaturalist.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a similar issue on the Forum before, will go look for it now.

here you go ;)

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