I cant see my location

actualmente no puedo ver mi ubicación, que veía antes correctamente, cómo lo puedo solucionar?

Actualy a cant see my locatio, Why this? whats the solution?

welcome. you need to provide more information if you really want others to be able to help you. are you using the website, iOS app, or Android app? which screen are you using? (a screenshot would be helpful
to understand what you’re looking at.)

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no puedo determinar la ubicación y no veo como¨soluconarlo. me podéis ayudar?

I can´t see my localitation an i don´t know how to resolve it, can you help me

Hi @corrochano, we need some more details to figure out what the issue is. Where on iNaturalist can you not see your location? Can you provide some screenshots showing what the issue is


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