I don't think Domestic Rabbits should be included with European Rabbits (they are not endangered) is there a reason for their connection other than their biological relation?

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Step 1: explain if there is a necessary reason as to why European and domestic rabbits are mixed or change the software to not show “European Rabbit” statistics when they are showing statistics for both European and domestic rabbits. ex) when I look at the info about Domestic Rabbits and click “observations” it shows only Domestic Rabbits (other than possible misidentifications) but the same is not true for European Rabbits also Domestic Rabbits have a little endangered flag when I believe this is referring to European Rabbits

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They’re not just related, they’re classified as the same species Oryctolagus cuniculus, with domestic rabbits being a subspecies, Oryctolagus cuniculus domesticus.

I think that to make the differentiation iNat would have to restructure the way species and subspecies are dealt with, which would have far ranging consequences on an enormous number of other species.


oh thank you I did not realize this I still do think it would be beneficial to separate this specific subspecies but I realize is not feasible to do so