Species ID not changing appropriately

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Step 1: Despite an expert identifying my beetle to a species level, the top line ID is not changing appropriately, it is staying at Cantharidae. I accept the Community ID for all my observations.

Step 2:

Step 3:

That’s because the ID is not to species level, it’s to subspecies level. Unless there is no ID on an observation at all, adding a subspecies level ID does not move the community ID. It will move once either you or someone else agrees with it.


Wow - crazy rule - OK, thanks!

It’s because, generally speaking, people didn’t want species level RG observations moving back to Needs ID with a single subspecies ID, see more here.


Having a similar issue, but this time it is wrong!

Web, Windows, Chrome.

There was an ID to
Family RhytididaeCannibal Snails
Then Dai added:
[Afrorhytida kraussi ssp. kraussi]
and I added
[Afrorhytida kraussi ssp. kraussi]

Except that iNat has decided that my subspecies does not belong to the Rhytididae
[tonyrebelo] disagrees this is [Family Rhytididae]
even though this is the family Rhytididae bug 1

and then to add insult to injury, despite having two IDs to subspecies level, the community ID only accepts the ID to species level. bug 2
personally, the subspecies rule sucks! it needs to be handled more intelligently.



I have no clue why it says you disagree, but I agreed with your ssp. ID just now and then deleted my ID, and the community taxon has now shifted to the ssp.

i think your specific case may be related to an issue that is already being looked at: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2705

for easier reference, the observation tonyrebelo noted above is: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/46817260.

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Yes it is very similar, except, that that case is circumscribed as a genus to species ID.
This is a family to subspecies ID
I just assumed that it was a subspecies issue, but it is quite possible that the same bug is at work, and it is more generic than I thought …