I need a secondary continuous light that can be attached to the main strobe!

I am a person who is using olympus camera and godox v350, I mostly take pictures of insects.
I usually shoot insects at night, and it’s so dark that the camera can’t focus on them properly.
I am already using a secondary LED provided by cygnustech and it is helping, but I need a brighter LED light.
Has anyone had a similar problem, or found an LED light that is reasonably light and attaches to the flash?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ulanzi VL49 - great little lights that fit into the shoe on your camera


Just FYI, I deleted the tracking info out of the link posted above. Should work fine now, just more anonymously.

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Thank you!

Thank you for your recommendation, but I found something to attach to the strobe. Ulanzi series are so good but I excluded them because they must have to use hot shoe

I have a Lume Cube Panel Mini. Great little light, brightness and color adjustable. I handhold it but it has 1/4 20 threaded mount hole for something like a mini tripod. The only downside is that the battery doesn’t hold a charge well anymore (>4 years) and I don’t think it’s replaceable.