ID’d observations revert back to previous (incorrect/lower level) ID by itself

Platform: Android

App version number: 1.20.30


Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices:

Description of problem:
I suggested the original ID, then agreed with updated ID by identifyers. Then when I check again, on the app version, inaturalist has by itself added the original ID as if I had done it.

Step 1: Load observation using Android app

Step 2: Click on what did you see

Step 3: Choose one of the options presented

Step 4: Add location

Step 5: Click on add to projects

Step 6: Choose project and click on top right arrow to save it

Step 7: click on bottom arrow in green circle to save observation

Step 8: Identifier ID’s the observation in more detail, or as something else altogether

Step 9: I click on agree on the app version and exits out of the observation with bottom right <

Step 10: I return to the observation later, then it shows that I have re-entered the original ID, which I didn’t.

Hi, welcome to the forum and thanks for your detailed report! Is your app set to auto-upload/sync, or do you sync manually? Are you doing anything else to the observation in the app or website between Steps 9 and 10?

Hi, and thanks. My app is set to auto-upload/sync. I am doing nothing between steps 9 and 10, apart from maybe loading new observations to the app. It happened a bit randomly, so not so easy to track and replicate.

I loaded another bug on the same day, but it got thrown off as spam and not restored like this one, not sure why. I then sent an e-mail to the help address with the other bugs I wanted to make you aware of. Is that the way to go, or should I try add them again. Why was the 1st rejected as spam?


Sorry about that, we sent the incorrect spam report to the site staff last week.

thank you :-)