PC and Android apps not synchronizing

Platform: Android, Website

App version number: 1.23.14 (503)

Browser: Chrome

I can’t provide specific steps, because I’m not sure what’s happening. It just seems that often when I edit an observation (which is easier to do on Android, because it automatically searches for possible IDs), it doesn’t always update on the website, and vice-versa. This was one of the factors in the back-and-forth on my observation #90423543 Pilophorus. At one point, I think I had to change it back to my original wrong ID in order to edit it to the correct one again.

When I checked the Android app version, I noticed that it has that added “(503)”. Is it a coincidence that that is the international calling code for El Salvador, where I was when I first downloaded the app? Or could this be part of the problem, there being perhaps different versions of the app? [Also, when I changed my location to my current location in the US back in April, my mini-bio disappeared from my profile. I will be moving back to El Salvador in the near future, btw, hopefully to stay.]

Another problem I’ve had is sometimes bailing out of the app after uploading photos but before I’ve been able to complete a new observation, and then finding it has recorded as “Unknown”. There are some folks who apparently scan for new observations of “Unknown” organisms, and they can be really quick to jump on these to put them into at least a kingdom. While this is a good idea, it can complicate things when I go back to enter the ID, probably because of the above problem. I know this is user error on my part, but there are probably others who have done this, and there may be a workaround by maybe flagging for the observer as “No ID Entered”? and then, having a period of 24 or 48 hours before an ID by another user can be made permanent?. [Also, this probably artificially inflates peoples “number of IDs”, which may encourage people to do this.]

I hope these are not issues I should have found information about on the forum; I did look for it. Thank you for your time and efforts! This is a great website!

Can you please sahre a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices: https://www.take-a-screenshot.org Pretty sure that number comes from an error code, there shouldn’t be calling codes appearing in the iNat app.

Not sure what you mean by “location” - it can be interpreted in a few different ways. You edited your profile bio and it disappeared?

I’m not sure what this means - when you upload photos you’re uploading them as part of a new observatin, correct? It’s not possible to just upload photos on their own.

It would really help to have screenshots of some of things you’re referring to as a lot of them are ambiguous (we all might use different terms for the same thing, or have different interpretations of the same term). Screenshots help cut through that ambiguity, which is why we ask for them when you make a new bug report.