ID Etiquette - Do's & Don'ts

Is it good practise to make an attempt at an ID of one’s own observation, or is it best to leave it as “Unknown” and wait for others with greater knowledge to come along?

Unless you don’t know what you have observed (e.g. no clue whether it’s a plant or an animal…) it is best to provide at least some basic ID (“flowering plant”, “vertebrate”…) to attract more knowledgeable identifiers who can then provide more info.


Thank you SQFP, that’s very helpful! :smile:

And if it really isn’t obvious whether it is a plant, animal, or something else, then make sure to take photos from multiple angles, and add lots of notes about anything that you find relevant (texture, size, etc). You have no idea what detail might help a future IDer.

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Also check this topic for more in depth:

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Great tip!

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