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I’ve read that there is an “ID please check box,” but I can’t seem to find it. I’m new and have several observations that need one more ID. Can someone point me in the right direction?

You don’t need to check anything if your observation doesn’t have ids yet, it’s used for observations where you need more ids than what is enough to get Research Grade, so don’t check it without need, it’s under DQA section, on the bottom of observation page.


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There used to be an “ID Please” checkbox a long time ago. But they removed the box I think in around 2016 because now all new observations are automatically put into a big pool waiting for identification. Curious if you might be looking at a very old handout or tutorial??


Like some said, over time often more identifiers will view and add IDs to your observations. If you know an identifier in mind you can also tag their username in an observation page-comment to ask them. I’ve also seen people ask identifiers who made the most IDs for the taxon (shown in the stats section). Although trying that doesn’t always result in replies.

Hi, I saw reference to “ID please check box,” in an internet search. Thanks for your answer!


Thank you!

Thanks everyone!

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