Validation of my observations

How can I take care that more of my observations get reviewed and eventually get validated ? Especially the validation of Fungi are an underestimated part of my observations , in terms of validation . Maybe I do something wrong in uploading my observations , but , anyway , can anybody help me out ? Because , with the coming of autumn , I am repeating species now … Best regards , Joost nieuwenhuizen , Alkmaar , The Netherlands .

Check out this discussion where someone else asked about this subject and a number of people replied.


In particular, pucak mentions several things that can help for fungus identifications.


Welcome to the forum @JoostNieuwenhuizen! As mentioned above, this same question is already being discussed on another forum thread. So I am closing this one to avoid duplication, and encouraging you to read and join in the discussion on the other thread linked above.