ID straight to subspecies doesn't improve existing ID to family/subfamily or similar

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This first time I saw this I thought it’s a random bug, but a second occurrence points to a consistent issue (sadly I don’t remember which observation was the first one): when an observation is IDed only to something high-level - like family or subfamily and someone adds an ID straight to subspecies (not just species), the ID does not get promoted to the relevant species and stays on the family.

Yes, I checked in both cases that the species in question is fact a member of the family.

This is low priority - just mildly annoying - can be solved by withdrawing the family ID - but it’s still a bug that someone may want to know about :) Also it makes a mess in records if you don’t notice it happening. I am the perfect person for this to happen to, because I started uploading a lot of various old record of taxa I have no idea about IDing, so I quite often put just a family or even order.

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It’s working as intended, it’s not a bug. There’re several similar topics, you can look them up.

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Can you link any? Because this doesn’t make any sense. If the ID were just to species, it would promote it to species, but if the person decides to be more specific, it doesn’t. I can’t fathom what benefit could that possibly bring.

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Thanks! However the linked topic clearly says that this is not working as intended. A staff member responded that they would really like it to have it the “logical” way but don’t know how to exactly code it.

It was specifically made to do so, now it’s impossible to find a workaround, so it’s pretty much as intended. Many people are tired of subspecies id, so for now at least they don’t screw up everything when someone decided to spend the night adding crows’ subspecies (and it happens). It doesn’t mean nobody wants it different, it just means it’s not gonna happen any soon. You can add your thoughts to that topic.


Maybe it should just say this somewhere, so that every new user isn’t surprised by this completely unexpected functionality :) Because then these reports are kinda inevitable …

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