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Maybe the weather is bad, maybe you broke your foot, maybe you’re allergic to the sun, or maybe you’re under government order to stay inside. Whatever the reason, here are some ideas for nature-related activities you can do indoors.


non-iNat ideas

  • if you have seeds, grow something! If you have houseplants give them a full love-session and tell them your worries.

This is a wiki, please feel free to add ideas!


As a currently self isolating iNatter I would leave my room window slightly ajar to let in fresh air and my lights on in the evening, so occasionally a few small critters would invite themselves in for me to observe. Just a few minutes ago I managed to photograph a nice green planthopper, a Mirid plant bug, and a cool looking weevil, so I was pretty chuffed.


One thing you can do if you are wanting to upload to iNat at home is possibly put up a moth sheet in your backyard. All you need is a white sheet and a UV light and you can attract all kinds of insects to your home. Even in urban areas there can be hundreds of insect species you may have never seen that end up on the sheet.


There’s Zooniverse and Digivol for other online citizen science initiatives.

DIY projects like bee hotels and nest boxes.

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I just added that before I saw your reply

I found just leaving my porch lights on also helps, though with slightly less success.

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If you have nothing to do at all, I highly recommend sitting down and learning a supergenus: I’m slightly biased towards Buprestids, but trying to figure out,, or, is a great timekiller and would certainly help the mountains of observations sent through iNat of these massive genera.


the mouth-feel of this word combined with my first buprestid being a gorgeous one and, on a trip to my happy place: the ocean made me dig these guys and retain the knowledge. Good idea!

I’ve been challenging myself with the undersides of moths too. I like to guess sex and see if I can learn markings on abdomens or under the hind wings.

My suggestion is to start seeds if you have them or spend some time doting on your existing houseplants. If you grow organic, find and bargain with/ remove, retrain any pests. Bring a little life into your world and take care of something that’s relying on you.

Go through your old photos to upload new (old!) observations to iNat.


If you leave bird seed out, or have birdhouses in view of a window it is relatively easy to bird watch from home!

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