Anyone know good nature podcasts?

Hi folks!
I drive a fair bit and like to listen to something while I’m at it. Does anyone know of any good nature-related podcasts out there?


Check out:

  • In Defense of Plants
  • The Field Guides
  • The Naturalists Podcast

Would be interested in hearing of any more


#1 fav right now is Ologies. A lot of different topics, but many of them are nature-related.


Laura Erickson’s For The Birds


I’m not promoting the service (it is free anyways) just linking to a page on ones I have on my mobile. Including ones from above

Bird Specific
American Birding Podcast
BirdNote - there is also one called BirdNotes by whro public radio which I cant find on
Talkin’ Birds
This Birding Life
Tweet of the Day

Insect specific
National Insect Week - 1 time series
On Six Legs

Marine life
Science and the Sea

Botany specific
In Defense of Plants
Nature Boy

General nature
BBC Earth podcast
Best of BBC Natural History Radio
Dinosaur George - fun but a little kid oriented
The Field Guides
I Know Dino
Natural Selections
Palaeo after dark
Past Time
ZSL Wild Science

General Science that can have good nature content
BBC Inside Science
BBC CrowdScience
The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry
Diffusion Science
In Situ Science
The Life Scientific
DW Living Planet
Nature Podcast - it is the podcast of the journal
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Talks
People Behind the Science
CBC Quirks and Quarks
Science at American Museum of Natural History
BBC The Science Hour
Science in Action
The Science Show (Radio Australia)
This Week in Evolution

Some of these may no longer be producing new content, but have a good archive.

Yes, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Have you seen the crap on TV these days ?


Early Birds (vroege vogels)


I’m glad to see so many people mentioning The Field Guides. Fantastic podcast. Some others I would suggest are:
The Urban Wildlife Podcast
The Birdchick Podcast
Hannah and Erik Go Birding
Off Track Podcast
The Wild Episode

I think the rest of the ones I listen to have been mentioned by others. I know The Urban Wildlife Podcast has mentioned iNaturalist and the City Nature Challenge a bunch and the Birdchick Podcast host is here on iNaturalist.


Here’s the few science-related podcasts from my feed that may or may not be relevant:

Story Collider: a storytelling podcast focusing on stories from various people, relating to science.

Any of the HowStuffWorks family of podcasts. I don’t think they have any that are specifically limited to nature topics, but many of the shows have had episodes dealing with nature.

Drunk Safari - Comedy podcast where the host and a guest choose two animals to research, then get drunk(?) and talk about them. Not scientific, but definitely funny.

Most in my feed are human interest based, but I think I just may add a few of these suggestions to my list. :blush:


@vermfly I’m glad you suggested Urban Wildlife Podcast. One of my fave podcasts out there!

I’d also suggest giving Naturalistics a listen, tons of great content discussed there, including a few episodes that touch on iNaturalist.


I’ve been enjoying the Fisheries Podcast, good interviews with professionals, and sometimes non-professionals, of the fisheries management world. Link here:

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I enjoy Herpetological Highlights.

Two more:

  • SquaMates Podcast (about herps in general, irreverent but great)
  • Tetrapod Zoology Podcast (often off-topic and very irreverent but also excellent)

@reuvenm, thanks for the suggestions! I tried the first episode of Tetrapod Zoology and couldn’t maintain interest about halfway through. Then I tried the first episode of SquaMates and loved it. I’m quickly working my way through those, and am going to give Tetrapod Zoology another chance after reading elsewhere that the first episode is particularly in-the-weedsy.

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This is great, guys, thanks for the list! I sampled most of the ones posted.

I have to second the American Birding Podcast, probably the best produced and most focused one I listened to. Great conversations on there and cool notables from eBird. Nate Swick is a phenomenal host.

Not sure if anyone mentioned RadioLab. Kind of goes without saying, but they have done many fascinating nature-science episodes, and they are the gold standard of audio production and narrative journalism.

I also stumbled on The Music of Nature Podcast, but recordist Lang Elliott. Each episode is an audio postcard from his travels to birding hotspots throughout North America, with high-quality binaural (stereo) recordings to put listeners in the soundscape with some narrative between scenes. 10-30 mins long each. He posted several episodes from 1/26/17 to 12/18/18. Listened to the first one and I’ll definitely do them all.

This is tangentially nature related, but the show Sandra is an audio drama that comically features birds.

The Dirtbag Diaries. Not a nature podcast, per se, but an adventure podcast with a high view of nature and conservation/access activism.

Outside/In by New Hampshire Public Radio.
HumaNature by Wyoming Public Media.
Threshold. About bison.
Mountain and Prairie. Interviews with interesting people in the West.
Outlandish. Part of the USFS Your Forests Your Future project.


Those of you who subscribe to Spotify are probably aware that several of these nature podcasts as well as a whole host of other podcasts are available there.

I’m a fan of Exploreastory, hosted by Emily Graslie of the Field Museum.
I’ve been a fan of Emily for a while; her YouTube videos helped deepen my appreciation for, and enthusiasm about, nature and natural history museums/collections.

It’s general science/nature. I enjoy the humour. Available on Spotify now (and probably other places).


The Nature Guys!
I find their podcasts to be a well-balanced mix of scientific “hard facts” and history, folklore, and personal stories.
Description from their about page: “Nature Guys podcast connects you to the exciting natural world right in your own neighborhood. These nature connections will help you be cool, calm, collected and ready to make a positive difference in the world.”


Welcome to the forum, @elizamess!

“Off Track” wins hands down:


I just found one called The Wild Life.

They even have their own project here on iNaturalist.