Identification of dry plant remnants

I didn’t recognize what family of plant this might belong to, and four different apps failed to provide useful suggestions (it may be a while before more people photograph remnants like this and they get added to AI data sets).

Seems like a general problem; one helpful thing would be to have an observation fiel that tags dry plants (with part specified hopefully), so we could scroll through for comparisons. Is there already one?


A bit of a long shot, but maybe take a look at some plants that are in: Plants out of Season project? In general though, you bring up a real issue that the CV struggles with dry, dead plants.

Otherwise, for observations like these tag-in @ another of the area’s regular identifiers or observers for help. They may have seen something like it and could narrow it down.

Addendum: I’m not sure if CV can help much since such observations are tricky for people too like this Sanicula crassicaulis.


The only observation fields I’ve found so far are senescent flower and senescent fruit, both in the context of Wild Orchid Watch Australia and with yes/no answers, so they are probably not applicable to plants in general. Anyone can add observation fields though, so if you feel this would be something useful you could add some yourself.

For a lot of these observations it will be difficult to get an ID and probably even more difficult to get confirmation to RG since at this stage most plants are missing their identifying characteristics. One way to get at this might be to revisit and observe the plant at different time points throughout the growing season and tie the individual observations together into a set, e.g. using the similar observation set field. Maybe that would get enough observations of this type to RG to be included in CV training sets.

I’ve found a key for dried botanical ID but it’s more geared towards stuff that’s sold for decorative purposes and used in e.g. dried flower arrangements.


Not a plant person, but could that be a seed head? If so, would searching for seed pods help?

@vreinkymov I agree, CV suggestions are of less use for these types of observations because it’s hard to find comparison photos and detailed descriptions to check the computer’s work.

Picture This (an app I rarely consult because it drives me crazy) actually did recognize the pitcher plant.


You can add that one to the taxon pictures.
For the next identifier on the next obs.

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