Identifications sometimes fail to update

Platform : Website

Browser: Edge and Chrome

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Description of problem:

Step 1: Community ID does not update with added ID suggestions even after refreshing

Step 2: Occurs even though the user has not opted out of community taxon

Step 3: Examples: and

Thank you

Hi @atronoxychump, can you provide screenshots to help describe what you’re seeing as far as “Community ID does not update”, as well as what you’re expecting to see? Thanks!

In the first example, behaviour is working as intended. OP made a butterfly ID, you made a moth ID, community ID got taken back to the lowest common denominator (Lepidoptera)

Sae with the secind one, first not-withdrawn id is a disagreement that doesn’t let community id to get lower util more ids will be added (or before it’s withdrawn.


Thank you. Sorry for being unclear. I don’t mean that the ID doesn’t get refined. What i meant was that the community ID does not even change to the lowest common denominator in both cases

In the first example, it stayed as “Actinote” even after i gave a moth ID where it should have gone to “Lepidoptera”

Unfortunately i was lazy to take screenshots