Identify - brightness adjuster

It appears that the brightness adjuster in Identify (one the website) increases or decreases contrast rather than brightness - has anyone else had this problem? I am using Chrome.

Hmmm… not sure. The one time I experimented with it, I noticed the brightness adjustment did not work the way I expected (darker instead of lighter or something similar), so I never used it again.

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I’m not sure exactly how it works but it definitely does change the contrast some in Chrome for me. I think that’s really useful though so I like it and use it a lot!

Do you have a program like flux that changes the coloration on your computer? Mine works as expected when flux is off but appears as though it’s only changing contrast when flux is on (but really it’s that flux is autocorrecting the coloration).

It is making brightness higher for me, I thought that as it’s not a pro photo tool it also affect other parameters, not sure if it’s intended.

Also tried it once … but not again.

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Seems to be working the way it’s supposed to for me - not perfect but helpful in some situations. Here’s a random photo in its original state and with 7 clicks on the increase brightness button, in Chrome 87:

jpegs don’t have much latitude when it comes to exposure adjustments, and I suspect that the black areas have nowhere to go, there’s just not enough information there. Other parts of the image, in the shadows and midrange, can be brightened to a greater degree and thus contrast is increased because the black areas stay black.


Ok perhaps I was looking for some CSI level enhancement from photos which just can’t provide that. But the tool is still helpful in some situations.

I don’t think that I have any program which changes the colour on my computer.

Editing the exposure in Lightroom gives you a bit more out of the image but I imagine Lr is a bit more sophisticated.

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Although would black areas not just go grey if you lightened them? Black should have somewhere to go until it becomes all white?

Edit: I played with the picture correction tool on MS word and it works the similar to the iNat brightness editor.
The best option for a silhouetted image was +40% brightness and -40% contrast - and yet this still is not great.

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as far as i can tell, the iNat brightness editor is just applying a regular CSS brightness style filter to the image. you can see this by looking at the styles applied to the image element in the webpage. i clicked the + sign a few times to increase brightness, and the image ends up with filter:brightness(1.6) as the underlying style:

if i uncheck the style to remove it, the image on the page goes back to the original brightness:

for photos where you essentially need to apply a fill flash after the fact, you’re ideally going to want to increase brightness, decrease contrast, and increase saturation… or something similar.

yup. so the fact that adjusting brightness alone won’t always produce a great picture for identification doesn’t seem like a bug. probably time to close out this bug report.

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Yes, I just can’t seem to find how to close forum post. Or how to open closed posts for that matter - perhaps one needs admin rights.

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