Identify page goes blank

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This behavior happens very frequently. I’m simply using identify, and then for seemingly no reason the page suddenly goes blank as follows:

In the latest instance, the page was already fully loaded and I was just visually looking over the tiles and then all of the sudden it’s blank.

I have to push the refresh button on the browser to get the observations back. I’ve seen this happen countless times, maybe 40-60 times over the last month.

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Happens to me as well, started noticing it within the last week or so. Doesn’t go together well with my “push mark-all-reviewed first” workflow.

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I see it as well, I think it is just a further offshoot of the scaling issues the site is experiencing.


This happens to me all the time. I just hit F5 and wait.

If it happens again, can please open your browser’s console and post a screenshot that includes the console? It might have error information that could be useful.

This page has instructions for how to view the console for the most common browsers:


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Thanks. I had a similar thing happen to me today but with different console errors. Added to my weekly report.

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just in case this is useful at all,

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additional errors:

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I see this too with some regularity. I finally remembered to grab a console dump.

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We added some safeguards to tyr and prevent this from happening. Is it still happening for anyone?

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