Identify paging bug

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When using identify, it is apparent that the contents of the pages are adjusted on the fly as you identify specimens. For example, if you had two full pages of observations in identify and identify everything on the first page and then push “Next” to go to the next page, it will say something to the effect of “no more observations.” That’s because after identifying the first page of observations you in effect have only one page of observations left. So you have to restart identify and do another first page. The makes the whole process of identifying very cumbersome. If in the previous scenario, you were to identify 6 observations (for example) and push “next.” You would not see the first six observations of the second page because they now become in effect part of page one.

I have seen this effect many times.


This isn’t a bug really. The issue is that you’re only looking at observations you haven’t reviewed, and when you load the next page, all the reviewed observations disappear because you IDed them (or reviewed without IDing). If you’re reviewing everything, you can select “View more unreviewed” instead of going to the next page. There’s not an easy way to get around this if you’re not reviewing all the observations though. I brought that up here, and I’d love to hear other ideas of how to deal with this.


This will also happen if you’re only looking at observations under Needs ID and you ID one to Research Grade. To get around this you could just leave Research Grade observations in, but that could be pretty undesirable depending on what you’re looking at. Ditto for leaving reviewed observations in.

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Thanks for the clarification on this issue!

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