Skipping records in "Identify"

Last evening I decided to check identifications of observations labeled “Carex leptalea,” both “needs ID” and “Research Grade.” I use a Lenovo desktop computer, use Windows, but visit the internet using Mozilla Firefox. There were 9 pages of observations, so between 240 and 270. I could do this. I used “Identify” to check them. Mostly very identifiable photos and mostly correct. I used “Skip to next page” to move from one page to the next. I reached the end. It took less time than I expected, but it felt good to be done. Except . . .

There were still five pages of observations, though I was at the end of the last. Could I really have left almost (5 x 30 =) 150 in the “not reviewed” state? No, I had not. I went back to page 1 and methodically identified the observations, using “skip to next page” when I reach the end of each page. Done at last! Except . . .

There were still three pages left. I methodically identified them – you get the picture. After four or five iterations there were no pages left (although I think there should have been, since I left a few not “reviewed”). Frustrating. Frustrating to reach the end and not be done.

I doubt this is a bug that can be fixed, but it is annoying.

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See discussion here:
Not technically a bug, though I agree it’s not exactly intuitive.

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Thanks. I understand more about why it happens now. I have occasionally used the option of starting my review at the last page – that works well.

Some options discussed there don’t work well for me because I mentally divide observations into three groups – those I provide an identification for, those I don’t ID but click “reviewed” for because in some way they’re not worth seeing again, and some that I don’t ID and don’t labeled “reviewed” because I think they’re probably identifiable but I don’t know enough now to identify them and I want to come back and see them again later.

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