Loading new page in identify tool shows no observations, until you click "filters" again

Platform: Desktop website, using Firefox (but this issue also occured when I was using Google Chrome)

Description of problem: When going through the identify tool, after skipping to the next page, often the next page will load, saying that there are no observations that meet the search requirements, despite there still being observations left uncompleted. Usually I am adding Plant Phrenology annotations to plants to help fill out the graphs on the species page, but it’s also happened with other annotations, like when I was adding “Evidence of Presence” annotations to grey wolves, or marking spotted skunks as dead or alive.

If I refresh the page, it still says there are no more observations that meet the requirements, and the same thing happens if I click “go” again.

The only way to get the observations to show up properly is to click on the “filters” button again. You don’t have to actually change the filters at all, but it makes the observations show up again.

It’s not like a world ending glitch or anything, but it’s inconvenient, because sometimes I’ll forget that it happens and then think I’m done with whatever I was searching for only to realize there’s still 30 or so observations that need to be completed.

Screenshots of what you are seeing

I made a gif to demonstrate:

Ty for reading :)

This is a result of how pagination works.

Clicking Filters just returns to page 1 of your call.


FWIW, I usually choose to sort by “Random” when adding annotations. Then there’s just the “view more” button to click.

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Ty for the info!