I'm concerned Id-ers will think my flash/non-flash photos of the same plant are different plants due to color differences

I am a new member.

When I’m trying to ID a plant new to me, I may take several photos (whole plant, leaf closeup, bloom, etc.). If at that moment there is enough sunlight, I will choose camera settings that don’t use flash. But if a few minutes later the light changes due to clouds or the sun is dropping behind a hill, I will switch to fill-in flash.

For my camera, the colors look different on nonflash vs the popup flash photos. Flash photos have an overall yellowish cast that editing the white balance post processing in Lightroom only partially fixes. (If there is a better way, I haven’t figured it out.)

I’m concerned that if I upload some flash & nonflash photos for one observation, people will think they are not worth ID-ing because I am breaking the rule about one plant per photo. Do ID-ers read comments and should I add an explanation?

At present, I’m not interested in carrying around an external flash that might give me “truer” color.

I personally would always read the comments before deciding a observation was anything other than a simple case. You might find it useful to add in the comments which of the colours you feel is most accurate to life.

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In many years of IDing plants on iNat I’ve never run into this being an issue. If someone challenges you on whether they’re the same plant, then you can add an explanation about your camera, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


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