I'm missing from the curator section of the 'People' page

Platform: website

Browser : Chrome

URLs: https://www.inaturalist.org/people

Description of problem:

Self-explanatory, I don’t appear for some reason in the curator section :(
(I’ve appeared there in the past)

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I appear again…



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(still happening on and off)

I also noticed that I was gone yesterday but back today.

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I have gone missing from the leaderboards and curator list today too! Where am i?

(Only on the iNat Australia site though… )


Why are some curators not shown in the curation summary under the peoples page.

for instance: I have curated over 3000 taxa, added about 1000 taxon changes and resolved hundreds of flags, but my name does not appear in the list:


This is a known issue where curators disappear and reappear on the list: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/im-missing-from-the-curator-section-of-the-people-page/11392

I’m not sure if there has ever been a resolution.

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Same thing still happening to me. I should appear within this block as well given the number of resolved flags, etc that I have, but I’m not there right now (but I was this morning)


my best guess is that curator appearances are randomized in order to keep that web-page a bit shorter, rather than scrolling down for eternity given the number of curators

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I’m not on there either when I’m usually somewhere in the 5th or 6th row

it’s not randomised, they appear in order of the 3 metrics summed together (flags resolved + taxa curated + taxa changes)


When I noticed that I was missing from the page again, I performed a curatorial action (resolved a flag), and refreshed the people page. I showed up again. Coincidence? Or is recent activity maybe a factor?

Recent activity appears to be a factor in both appearing and disappearing. I suspect an index is not being refreshed or is not working properly.

[Went ahead and merged the Curator discussion topic into this corresponding Bug Report, to keep everything in one thread. Sorry @hanly, that kinda made your comment moot.]

That list is capped at 500. I’m not sure exactly what criteria (if any) are used to determine the 500 being shown.

Surely it is indexed and then capped, not capped and then indexed?

Hi Tony (et al.),
I have noticed for months, pehaps even years, that if I don’t do any curatorial actions (e.g. taxon swap, add species, resolve flag), the following day I’m not on the curatorial list. I also note that for me, the list updates only every 24 hours, so even if I do some curation and then refresh the page, no change in either presence/absence from the list, or if I’m on the list, no change in the curation figures for my entry. I find this odd when the top of the page refreshes instantly for recent visitors (observers, identifiers, stats for the month and year).
The presence/absence of a curator on the list can’t just be the capping number, nor just the recentness of curation action - all the curators listed who have zero actions (over 100 of them) would never get listed if the cap were base on activity alone! This is frustrating! And for non curators, misleading. If a regular contributor doesn’t show up just because they’ve not curated something for 24 hours, yet over 100 curators with zero contributions are listed, what is the point of the list ??