Image location not uploading

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I took a couple of images of a squirrel on my iPhone, downloaded them onto my computer (HP laptop that runs Windows), and then I uploaded the images on iNaturalist through the website: The location data was missing even though it’s there when I look at the image info on my iPhone. I had to add the location manually. I have done the exact same procedure before with many other pictures and I never had a problem (e.g., with this one, just a few days earlier: Any idea why this is happening? I just tried again, and the location does not upload, but it does upload with the other iPhone images.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


I checked the metadata of the images on my hard drive and the location data is missing there as well. Apparently they did not download from my phone onto the hard drive. So the problem apparently has nothing to do with iNaturalist.

It probably has to do with Windows Photo Viewer, which I used to download the pictures from my iPhone (it is a glitchy program …)