Images Don't Load In App

On the Android iNaturalist app, when I open observations through my updates feed to look at observations people have recently contributed identifications to, the images won’t load. The image window remains gray, and doesn’t even have a really wait symbol to tell me that something’s loading. When I tap the image window, it switches to the image page, but nothing loads up. It seems like all the images will load if I open them from my app’s homepage, but not if I open them through the updates page.

I’m not sure when this started, but it’s been happening for a while. I miss being able to see the images to compare with the identification. It used to be that the app could find the images on the server after I deleted them from my phone, but it seems like the ones that get deleted from my phone aren’t showing up anymore.


Have you tried logging out and back in yet?

This is a probelm we’re investigating, but it’s been difficult to pin down a common cause. Can you please send log files from the app to, as well as the URL for this observation?

One issue has been related to the move to Amazon Open Data, since the URLs for some photos have changed but the old URLs are still cached in the app.

Also, pelase include information like app version and such when you make a bug report. The template is there to help you get as much necessary information as possible to staff and to the community.