Images not uploading from phone

Platform: Android

This is most likely an issue with my Samsung S10 but I’m hoping you’ve had similar reports from other users. Ever since the latest Gallery app update (One UI 3.0?) the images that I’m attempting to upload largely don’t. I can upload 2 images and only the first one will show up. Last night I attempted to upload 5 and NONE showed up.

App version number: 3.0

Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices:

Description of problem:

Step 1: open Gallery image on phone and select the share icon
Step 2: select the green iNat birdie
Step 3: once iNat open ‘view suggestions’ and select ID
Step 4: click on camera icon to upload another photo
Step 5: select Choose image icon
Step 6: select Gallery icon and navigate to desired photo, selecting to upload
Step 7: either repeat to add additional photos or click on checkmark to upload

Hi @anndrosendahl, sorry you’re experiencing an issue with the app. I don’t have a Samsung so I’m not sure I can help troubleshoot very well, but after Step 5, my phone already opens up a gallery showing the most recent photos I’ve taken (no need to select a different gallery). Is that not the case for you?

After you do select the desired photo from the gallery, what happens? For me there’s a brief loading screen that says “Importing photo(s)…” Do you see that, or does just nothing happen - the photo is not added to the observation?

Finally, can you doublecheck the iNat app version number? It is in the About tab at the bottom. Thanks!

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
Yes, it does open up the most recent images, including those that were recently edited, no matter when taken. But I’m uploading images from last year so I have to scroll alot. I’ve been doing this for months, though and it was ok until my phone updated the Gallery app.
Yes, it does say ‘Importing photos…’. So quickly I almost didn’t see it.
Version number 1.21.7(474).
I see yours is more recent. I’ll try updating.
Thank you!