Impact of unusually warm weather on bats?

I am a church pastor in Northern Illinois in the US. We have the cliche “bats in the belfry.” We have also had an unusually warm spell. Over the last week we have had to help 3 bats get out of the human-occupied spaces of the building. Is it normal for bats in this area (northern Illinois) to be active during winter? If not, will this unusual warmth and activity negatively impact them? Unfortunately, I seem to never have my phone with me when we find one and I don’t know anything about bats so I can’t narrow down which species seems to be so faithful about attending church functions.


@k2018lena i am the wrong one to give expertised response, but perhaps @jakob liked to share his knowledge and thoughts? Jakob, i hardly know anything more about bats than these are unusual, actively flying mammals. Did you get to know of any impact of warming climate on bats in general or locally?
Best regards, Erwin

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Just be careful: They are on the unclean list. (Deut 14:18) :)

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