Implement exact matches in Header Search

Stemming from this discussion.

I would like to see quotation marks in the Header Search work the same as for most search engines: they force an exact match. So if tamias returns tamias, eutamias, and tamiamiensis, a search for "tamias" would only return tamias.

This request also stems from that discussion. Are they the same?

Bumping this, as I find the current search quite irritating, especially when I’m searching for people’s usernames. For example, there’s a user called ‘barnacool’. When I search their username (including using " "), the initial dropdown only gives me fuzzy matches to ‘barnacle’ related stuff, even though I’m typing in their username verbatim. It forces me to click view all, and even then, despite me having typed in the exact name, ‘barnacool’ appears as the 102nd result under the ‘All’ tab!! The very first result that appears on the list should be the one that matches verbatim.

And there’s probably an obvious answer to this, but why shouldn’t exact matches appear at the top of the list/be prioritised over fuzzy matches even when you don’t use " "?