Support "fuzzy" or "close match" search results in app

In the spellcheck era, us users often times aren’t the best at spelling. I’ve noticed on the iOS app that only exact string matches are returned (similar to how a ctrl+f search works on websites).

It’d be nice if the search would return close matches. For example (and I would never lol), if I searched “swalow” it would be nice if “swallow” records were returned.

I want to note that I do see some similar requests relating to supporting “exact matches only” on the web app, so I’m assuming there will be some debate about this one. I think supporting ‘search for exact matches with quotations’ could possibly help with that.

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I totally agree. There have been at least three times when I’ve entered a taxon for an observation and been told it doesn’t exist, when in fact there was a disagreement between authorities. e.g. brunifolia (what all horticulturalists use) and bruniifolia (iNat). Google wouldn’t have wasted a second before replying, “did you mean …?”

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