Impossible to save ID

The ID “Caesalpinioideae” (clicking on the green button to say that I don’t know if it matches the previous ID or not) cannot be saved for this observation:

I tried about 10 times.
Another ID on this observation can’t be saved either.
Meanwhile, the same ID on another observation can be saved.

Just tried. Can duplicate.

Chrome mobile browser 80.0.3987.119 for Android

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I just ID’d it. It worked. Then a GIANT amount of IDs popped out of nonexistence. It looks like those were your guys’ IDs. Whatever it was, it was fixed once I ID’d the obs.

All the IDs I tried to put yesterday are now here, so now I will delete them:

Have you run into this issue lately?

No, thanks!

I pressed the ok button for a sec because It looked like it was on my screen ;_;