IDs not saving correctly: "Red Perch"

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Step 1: I selected an ID for an observation “Butterflies and Moths” and saved it.

Step 2: The ID was saved as “Red Perch”. There is no way I could have accidentally clicked this.

Step 3:

Red Perch has the scientific name Caesioperca lepidoptera (species).

Lepidoptera is also the taxon for Butterflies & Moths (order).


I could not replicate using the steps you have provided. Are you sure you can replicate the problem and you are not resorting to memory or hypothesizing?

If the issue cannot be replicated we’ll have to assume the more probable hypotheses that you have typed “lepidoptera” and have selected by accident the second item (instead of the first one) which is “Caesioperca lepidoptera / Red Perch”.


Thank you for both responses. I couldn’t figure out how this could have happened but that must be it - user error.