iN app is failing to work properly with new Xiaomi model in the few ways

Platform: Android 11 RKQ1.200826.002

App version number: 1.23.7 (496)

Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro 6/64 (M2101K6G)

Description of problem:

1: I’ve already reported problem with cameras, I’m currently doing all photos in default camera app and then uploading them to iN:

2: In the city with good mobile network there is no problem with determination of coordinates, but I was visiting this area:
And there app was completely failing to find correct location, it was stopping on nearby settlements in few km from where I was (Rasseyka, Lyman) with accuracy of several thousand m. If to re-run it manually few times it could find correct location in about 10 minutes (literally). There was some mobile network, so I’m really not understand why it is so, now I’m back home and it works fine and fast. With my previous phone I was using iN app in the mountains without mobile network at all and it was working perfectly. In Google Maps it was also working slower in this area, but in most cases phone was knowing exactly where I am, so in the meta data of photos taken by the default camera app the coordinates were exactly correct in most cases, but maybe in about 5% it was also giving coordinates in the nearby settlements few km away. So iN app was completely unusable in this area. I was only uploading photos through app each evening, but even this turns out to be bugged as seen from the next position.

3: iN app was storing photos somehow inside the program, even after I’ve deleted all photos from the phone and cleaned everything the iN app itself was occupying 20 GB (!) on my phone somehow. I’ve only managed to solve it by deleting app.

And considering everything above I don’t know why should I install this app again, apparently it completely useless now and it’s better even to upload photos with browser. Which is really disappointing because idea of the app that could do most of stuff automatically was the best thing about iN for me.

  1. app caches everything, all you need is to log out and back to clear it or if phone has the option - clear cache manually.
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I’ve cleared phone’s cache and everything related that I’ve found in the phone’s settings, it was not helping.

It’s cool when app keeps it all before uploading, but why to store it after everything is uploaded already?

That is weird then!

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I am using iN app in Redmi K30 Ultra, and I find that I can’t have some of my observations renewed, even though I renew it with my own. And I have to search my observations every time in order to make sure that all my observations have been uploaded. Worsely, some of them can’t be renewed at all even though I log out and log in again.
This really bother me, and I am trully want to know how to solve it, cause using iN with browser is quite hard in China.

Did you try login/logout and did it work?

Xaomia Poco X3 NFC Android
The size of the Userdata was around 20GB. Only if I clear the User Data the the amount of data really decreases. I have to reconfigure the iNaturalist app completely.

Yes, at least big part of it is becoming free after doing that on mi9, but yes, there’re also options to clear it manually, though I never had to delete it completely just to clear space.