In Identify, choosing "checklist" suggestions and then clearing the "Place" results in odd checklist choices

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In identify, for some taxa, if you go to the suggestions and select the “checklist” as your source, then hit “clear” in the place drop-down, it defaults to some very odd checklists. Plants at class level or above default to pulling “Comprehensive list: Plants of Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve” regardless of what region they were observed in. Family Asparagaceae defaults to “Asparagaceae of Santa Clara County, CA, US”. “Birds” will pull up "Birds of Sagehen Creek (Source: Morrison, 1985).

It would probably be better if it just gave “No checklist available” when there is no location selected.

I made a previous bug report that complained of the same issue – odd behavior on clearing the Place filter in Suggestions. But the code has changed since that bug report such that the screenshots are no longer reproducible, so I’m reluctant to merge these bug reports…

Yeah, I think it’s probably different enough to keep them separate, at least for now.