In Suggestions tab, Place is stuck at country level

In the past few days, I’ve noticed this happening repeatedly. I’m in the Identify Modal and go to the Suggestions tab. Normally the Place defaults to County (Municipality) level, and the drop down will give you State level and Country level, like this:

Instead I find that it’s at the Country level to begin with, and the only other option in the drop-down is clear. Refreshing the page doesn’t help, and I haven’t found anything in particular to tie together the ones where it doesn’t work vs the ones where it does. It’s only started happening recently.

If I open the same observation in its own page and click Compare, it works fine:

This happened on pretty much every one I looked at today. No one else is experiencing this?

I can’t replicate at the moment.

It’s happened on three different devices. I’ll see if I can pin down a pattern.

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Ugh, I finally had an Identify search URL that could direct you to an observation that was stuck at Country across two different machines, but it got bumped from page 11 to page 12 and then it was fixed! I’ve tried so many combinations and the behavior is always consistent across different computers, but is almost totally unpredictable otherwise. Even minor changes to the search URL – e.g. adding the observer or lrank – can fix it.