Retain 'place' filter when clicking between tabs in identify mode

When in ‘identify’ mode the ‘suggestion’ tab has the filters ‘source’, ‘taxon’ and ‘place’ plus a ‘sort by’ option. When clicking from ‘suggestions’ to other tabs ‘info’, ‘annotations’ or ’ data quality’ and then back to ‘suggestions’ all of these options are retained except the ‘place’ filter. The request is that the selected ‘place’ filter is retained for this observation while clicking between tabs.

I believe that if someone has chosen to select a place then they will usually want to keep that selection for the duration of looking at that observation (or at least until manually changed). I believe this would save time for IDing.

To give a concrete example, I know that bird checklists are more or less complete at the provincial level in China but not at the prefecture level. Therefore, having changed to provincial level in the ‘place’ filter I will rarely want to revert to default prefecture level.

Image example: Choosing ‘Guangdong’ in the ‘place’ filter of the ‘suggestions’ tab, then clicking ‘annotations’, then clicking ‘suggestions’ again reverts the ‘place’ filter to default (Shenzhen).

This has been added as an issue by our developers: