iNat App Called Smooth Rescale in Phone Storage

Platform: Andriod 1.20.35

Phone: Nokia 6.1


Description of problem: I just updated my app 40 minutes ago. While looking through my phone’s storage, I noticed that iNat was displayed as ‘Smooth Rescale.’ I don’t know if this is intentional or not.


It’s unintended, we’ll get a fix out in a future release.

EDIT: Added a bug report here:


@tiwane , please notify users when the app is fixed. I only noticed the oddly-named iNat app a few minutes ago and have deleted it until a revision is released.

Hi @pdabell, it looks like a purely cosmetic issue to me, so probably no need to delete. But we do follow up here on the forum when bugs are fixed. There was already a change made, probably will be updated when the app updates in the Play store.


Yes, it’s just a cosmetic issue and will be fixed soon. No need to delete the app.

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OK, version 1.21.1 (468) is now in the Play Store, which fixes this (looks good on my device).