Inat_downloader : Python script for images and metadata downloading

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you a Python script I’ve created to automatize the download of images and metadata from iNaturalist observations. Whether you’re a nature lover, researcher, data scientist, etc., this script can make your life easier.

Features :

  • Download images and metadata for several species in a single execution.
  • Choose the number of observations per species to download.
  • Filter by quality-grade and license.
  • Select image size.

Information about installation and usage can be found on the GitHub repository

Feel free to give it a try and provide feedback or suggestions. If you have questions or need assistance using the script, don’t hesitate to ask here or open an issue on GitHub !


so just to clarify, “metadata” in this context is not the image metadata, right? it’s just observation data.

what is the advantage of downloading observation data this way vs. using the standard CSV export?

or if the interesting thing is the set of images, what is the advantage of doing things this way vs using the AWS dataset?

@cypamigon - Could you create a version of this script for downloading the images and metadata for a list of observations, rather than a list of species?

Yes, metadata are observation data. For now, the data downloaded are : species_name, observation_id, observation_license, observer_login, observation_quality, observation_date, observation_latitude and observation_longitude.

Indeed, if you just want the data, the CSV export tool might be more suitable.

For images downloading, using the script is a simpler way of downloading observations photos than using the AWS dataset. However, if you really need a lot of photos, I would suggest giving a try to the AWS dataset that was primarily designed for this.

Do you mean, providing a list of observations ID and download related photos and metadata ?

Yes, exactly. This would be extremely useful. It seems like it would be best as a separate script.

Yes, this feature wouldn’t fit really well into the current script. I’ll try to work on it when I have some free time :smile:

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