iNat gets mentioned in the New York Times today

In today’s New York Times, on page A3, at the bottom center of the page, there is a section entitled: “Here to Help: Amp up your awe with a microadventure” by Emily Pennington. Emily defines a microadvanture as “a short, simple, cheap, local version of an adventure.”

One of her six suggestions is:

“Become a backyard naturalist. Much of the work of cultivating awe is in paying attention to the small details around us. Whether you live in the desert, by the seashore or in the middle of a city, there’s a population of birds, plants and animals that is unique to your area. Apps like iNaturalist and BirdNET are easy ways to start identifying your nature neighbors.”


That’s cool! Never heard of BirdNET, but apparently it’s from Cornell like “Merlin” (another bird ID app).

Birds and animals, eh? I need little excuse to be pedantic :laughing:


BirdNET is only for sounds and only works live, not with files. Cornell recently added sound ID to Merlin and it works with audio files as well.


I use BirdNET with audio files on my desktop. It’s in the demo stages, but works reasonably well.


Welcome to iNat forum! Thank you, that is good to know. I was only aware of the app.

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BirdNET is great for IDing bird songs and calls.

And at least on Android, if you go to an observation and hit “share”, you can share directly to iNaturalist and it starts an observation with the audio recording. Pretty nice!


I love it when sites like iNaturalist get mentioned in newspapers like the New York times. Cheers to iNaturalist!

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