Seek - Do you use the "Species Nearby" function?

This might not be the best group to ask since most people here are more on the hardcore iNat side, but I’m wondering if anyone out there uses the “Species Nearby” part of Seek to do the actual “seeking” part of the app. Or do you mainly use Seek just for the live ID camera?


I use both. I was just telling someone that since the Seek app was introduced, I often flip between iNat and Seek for that reason - some times the Species Nearby helps me ID something quicker, other times it’s a nice way to get an idea of what I might find in the area.

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I think I would use it more if the local “species list” were more complete – a challenge in areas with fewer observations. I really like the feature though.
I mean it’s nice that an Egyptian Goose was seen 10km away but ain’t nobody got time for that

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