iNaturalist Updates for August 2023

Here’s a list of iNat updates for August 2023. Thank, forum_moderators, for helping track these!



  • Taxon Page now displays only the month and year for obscured or private “Latest Observation”
  • Fixed a small bug in Identify, where selecting an ID from Suggestions and then quickly going to the next observation resulted in the next observation’s map not loading.
  • The upload page will now retry uploading observations if there’s a local error.


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  • No new public release, but bug fixes have been released in beta


  • Several bug fixes, including a crash related to deleting or editing images in an observation and issues with Chinese language display.


  • Released August challenge
  • Updated Seek camera - it should be more responsive and be able to take advantage of multi-lens cameras.

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For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


I don’t know if it is right place to ask, but anyway. Will it be possible to download light version of the app, without seek model of CV? I’ve tried it and find it completely unusable without geographycal data which is not included to the app. May be it is good in North America, but not in Eurasia.
Also the package size bloated from 50 to 350+ MB, which is big enough for unused functionality (because of the first point and because it is much faster to make images on phone, next upload them to PC, edit and upload via web uploader).

Seek’s model is not in the standard iNaturalist app, it’s only in Seek. Which app are you using?

I have installed new ReactNative app to look into it. v0.8.1+50 had in changelog Basic AR camera (just names, using Seek model). Now it contains Using 2.4 model from May 2023.

There’s not really anything I can say about that app at the moment, details-wise. There’s still a lot of work to do and many decisions to be made and I don’t want to say anything prematurely.

Sure, I understand. At least I tell you my opinion as user so you know it :-)

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Thank you. Thought it was just my internet.

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