iNat working through some server issues right now

We recently had very brief downtime and others have noted an issue with maps. This is just a short mention to say that we’re working on it, but there may be some temporary issues that pop up before it’s all resolved. Network sites are also affected.


Update: a disk that we share between several severs stopped working this morning for reasons that are still a mystery. We mostly use that disk for caching files, i.e. non-essential ephemera, but there are a few kinds of data from older parts of the site that were hanging around in there. Patrick got a new disk working and we’re talking with the folks at Azure to see if they can explain what happened to the old disk and whether we can recover the data, but there’s a good chance some of it was lost.

Here’s the more permanent data that may have been lost:

  1. Project Assets: this is a feature of trusted traditional projects that allowed them to upload arbitrary files like banner images and KML map overlays. Very few projects will be affected by this, but unfortunately the Vermont Atlas of Life is one of them, so FYI, @kpmcfarland.
  2. Taxon Ranges: these actually probably won’t be affected b/c the data in an attached file gets loaded into the database, so loss of the original file doesn’t represent a loss of data

Again, we’re working on restoring this stuff, but at this point we’re waiting on Azure. We’re sorry if this has affected you, and if you need help getting projects set up again, please let us know (though it will probably be easiest for all concerned to just not use these customization features). The more ephemeral types of data that were on that disk include old observation exports, observation imports and exports that were in progress when the disk died, and DarwinCore archives.


Ok, scratch all that! Patrick worked some magic under advisement from the folks at Azure and he was able to get all the data off that bad disk, so all is well!


Thank you Patrick and all for doing all that! Woohoo!


Was scratching disks an intentional pun? :P

I would sooner pick a pocket.

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Is it what is happening right now?

Heads up, we’re experiencing the same kinds of problems again now and working to resolve them as quickly as possible.


I’m currently being constantly logged out (log in/out cycles are about 2mins). Is this part of the same ongoing problem?

EDIT- never mind, problem seems to have resolved itself.

I’ve been using iNaturalist every day for the last 2 months, but starting yesterday- first with something telling me the site’s certificate wasn’t valid- then going to the site anyway, now when I try to upload photos, it seems the metadata isn’t loading or something. My photo turns into a square with a question mark in it, I get no suggestions, and nothing seems to be loading. Just checking since I don’t see any notifications on the main page- is this a problem everyone is having or is something up with my computer… I restarted my computer, but same issues…


Welcome to the forum! I’ve seen other people reporting that as well, so I don’t think it’s only you. I myself have not had problems with it, though.

I’ve been having this problem since this morning, still happening as of a few minutes ago. I’m sure it’ll be working again in no time, thanks to everyone who works hard to keep iNaturalist up and running!


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